Business activities

Jamuna Oil Company Limited, an oil marketing company. Uninterrupted supply of fuel at a price determined by the government in remote areas of the country in the overall progress of the country’s institutions are playing an important role. The company’s overall goals and objectives of the people’s doorsteps in time for the proper management of oil supply and marketing activities performed very well. The company’s main activities are petroleum products (unleaded petrol, kerosene, diesel, JBO and furnace oil ), is Grease and lubricating oil, bitumen and LPG collection, storage, distribution and marketing.

Company activities

(a) Marketing petroleum products in the light of the direction of the government & BPC and also provide services to ensure the consumer level.
(b) ERL and other local sources of imported oil to be taken, and stored.
(c) Ensuring uninterrupted supply of petroleum products throughout the country.
(d) Fuel storage capacity, increased marketing and supply of energy security in the country.
(e) Depot / main facilities through the use of existing facilities to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
(f) Economically viable and cost-effective projects to be undertaken.
(g) Fuel handling safety and to establish and expand facilities and modernize the operational management to ensure efficient operation.
(h) Creating skilled human resources.

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